Supersonic Frédéric Bousquet
Supersonic Frédéric Bousquet
Supersonic Frédéric Bousquet

The Bousquet method, also known as SUPERSONIC, method of sound education conceived by the French pedagogue, musicologist, composer and master craftsman Frederic Bousquet (1974). It was developed in the 90's while he was leading many educational projects within the music teaching and the National Education, then in specialized and hospital environments. The introductory principles are exposed in his publication "Supersonic, Introductory principles of sound pedagogy (2020)". The concept of "Sound Pedagogy" is an invention that allows him to propose educational practices based on the exploration of the sound world.

Hyper acoustic child, Frederic Bousquet has been invited since 1991 to participate and tutor many educational and cultural programs in France and abroad (Spain, Brazil, Greece, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Canada, etc.) with the National Education, music education, specialized and hospital environments, early childhood, retirement homes and EHPAD and Foundations.

Dr. Frederic Bousquet proposes an inductive method oriented towards accessible and inclusive sound practices. His conviction is based on the (re) conquest of an autonomous sound expression, rooted in sound ecology, which he defines as the study of the links that humanity has with the sound world and through it. Since the discovery of the sound world, his exploration naturally leads to the creation of sound and music, via the implementation of a very large number of sound games. Dr. Frederic Bousquet achieves this objective through a carefully structured pedagogical progression in four phases, starting from improvised proposals formulated by the players, non-chronological in essence. These four phases are the discovery and exploration of the world of sound, the creation of sound and then music. The progression follows a virtuous model from wonder leading to curiosity and play, leading to learning, then the acquisition of knowledge, and finally the conceptualization of projects.

Following Carl Orff's model, Dr. Frederic Bousquet, with the members of the UFFIP (French Union of Percussion Instrument Builders), designed an educational trunk made up of stérilisables sound generators (stainless steel, composites, plastics) tuned to a natural harmonic mode at the pitch of 429.6 Hz, including kalimbas, metal harps, Tong Drums and Space Drums, Cool Drums and other sound generators adapted to the sound games implemented in his sound pedagogy.


Born in France in 1974, hyper acoustic child, Frédéric Bousquet built his first guitar with his father at the age of 7. In 1981, he joined the National School of Music and Dance in Brive-la-Gaillarde...

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