SUPERSONIC, sound pedagogy

"SUPERSONIC, SOUND PEDAGOGY" is an inductive method for accessible and inclusive musical practices, with an intuitive educational instrumentarium made of melodic percussions. It encourages accessibility to sound expression for all, according to each person's abilities.

An educational principle: a non-stereotyped opening to the world of sound through wonder, curiosity, creativity, learning, knowledge and conceptualization.


The book "SUPERSONIC" Introductory principles of sound pedagogy

The book "SUPERSONIC", Introductory principles of sound pedagogy" (Lugdivine Edition 2020), preface by the composer Bruno Giner) presents 250 tracks of individual and collective sound games, from awakening to interpretation, through sound and musical creation. It encourages awareness of the world of sound and of others, and the development of a "musician's behavior" based on listening and attention placed at the service of musical creation.

The group activity generates deviations from the frameworks of the games (250) experienced and opens up all the more doors to sound: creation of soundscapes, rhythmic or melodic work, coding, object or sculptural scores, improvisations, etc. from the discovery of the world of sound, its exploration and towards sound and then musical creation.

La malle éducative "SUPERSONIC"

The "SUPERSONIC" educational trunk

Dr. Frédéric Bousquet has developed the “SUPERSONIC” educational kit since 1991, in collaboration with composers and musicians, pedagogues, teachers and specialized educators. In 2018, member companies of the French Union of Percussion Instrument Makers (UFFIP), which are among the jewels of the French instrument making industry, will be involved in this project.

SUPERSONIC trunk is made of educational metal & melodic percussion instruments. It is designed and manufactured in France by various member companies of the French Union of Percussion Instrument Makers (UFFIP), which are among the

Of the French instrument making industry flagships.

  • SpaceDrums and Zenkos from Metal Sounds,
  • Cool Drums from Rythmes & Sons,
  • Ludophones (metal harps, kalimbas, euphone, musical bow) from TitaniumSound.
Sustainable instrument building

The SUPERSONIC trunk meets a simple set of specifications:

  • - Correspondence to the European sanitary, hygiene and safety standards,
  • - Cleanable and sterilizable materials: titanium, marine stainless steel, composites, plastics, natural rubber,
  • - High sound quality,
  • - Identical tuning according to a natural "just intonation" scale: first 8 harmonics of a musical sound,
  • - Natural pitch 426.9 Hz,
  • - Hyper robustness: the steel of the keyboards is guaranteed for 500 years in an aqueous marine environment, 27 years for the Ludophones diffusers!

The SUPERSONIC educational trunks exist in three versions:

  • - Discovery: 2 zenkos, 2 cooldrums, 1 ludophone; ideal for hospitals and specialized environments,
  • - Exploration: 2 zenkos, 2 cooldrums, 8 Ludophones; ideal for the National Education and the associative world,
  • - Trainer: 2 zenkos, 2 cooldrums, 8 Ludophones, traditional instrumentarium (Bodhran, Amerindian flute, singing bowl, Surpeti), recorder, recording and broadcasting equipment; ideal for musical education and training of trainers.

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