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méthode Bousquet SUPERSONIC

The Bousquet SUPERSONIC method is an inductive method of sound pedagogy based on 4 words: intuitiveness, accessibility, inclusiveness and creativity.

Approved trainers in SUPERSONIC approved establishments give the training courses.

Three types of training are distinguished:

  2. SPECIFIC training linked to different audiences (specialized environments, hospitals, music teaching, Faculty of Education, musicians, media library staff, etc.)
  3. CUSTOMIZED training linked to other forms of ARTS (dance, gesture, etc.) or interdisciplinary creations, team building, sport, etc.

Agrément jeunesse et éducation populaire n°12jep097 2007
Organisme de formation enregistré sous le n°91 48 00265 48
Formateur agrément DRAC et éducation nationale

Trainings: in our premises or in situ!

  1. Practices in sound pedagogy on zenko (since 2021)
  2. History of instrument making (since 2014)
  3. Sound pedagogy practices on mixed instrumentarium (since 2012)
  4. Practice in Sound Pedagogy on Ludophones (since 2010)
  5. Sound Pedagogy Practices in Hospital Settings (since 2009)
  6. Practices in sound pedagogy in specialised environments (since 2005)
  7. Masterclass euphone and Cristal Baschet (since 2004)

E.g. Discovery training / sound project management

Objectives: Sound pedagogy: Conducting a one-off or cyclical sound project using a variety of educative instruments

Until the middle of the 20th century, sound was considered as a characteristic of the note, which once composed, gave rise to learned music.

Nowadays, music represents a very small part of the sound world. The sound dimension of intimacy and the environment, and social practices, lead to the conceptualization of "sound ecology", which can be defined as: "the study of the links that humanity has with the sound world and through it".

Among the variations of this concept, the question of sound pedagogy arises. So how to conceive and make operational a sound project for music teaching, early childhood, national education or hospital and specialized environments, EHPAD? Which instrumentarium for which groups, which durations, which skills to aim for? How to manage the activity and the sound production of the participants? According to which pedagogical framework?

SUPERSONIC is rooted in didactics (pedagogical methods of listening, imitation, creation, projects, etc.), and knowledge of various musical educational systems. Using a heterogeneous instrumentarium - found in situ or assembled - it proposes the practice of sound games. The learning process is structured according to 4 essential phases, from the discovery of the sound world, its exploration, sound creation and then musical creation, to coding, interpretation and direction. SUPERSONIC is an inductive method, directly linked to the activity of the group divided between musicians, observers and listeners. It allows for a flexible and dynamic progression, according to the abilities of each individual.

SUPERSONIC approaches sound pedagogy through accessibility, for intuitive and inclusive practices and projects placed at the service of creation.

Tools: Instrumental collection, SUPERSONIC method & educational kit, SubPac, books, audio video supports, didactic montages

Public: All audiences

Master classes / lectures

Around the instruments of the ensemble: "history of the instrumental making of the dualo", "history of the instrumental making of the euphone", "history of the instrumental making of the sylphyo".

Additional lectures (musicology): "sound & plastic landscapes", "history of euphone instrument making", "rare instruments & the 7th art", "contemporary instrument making in the service of a sound ecology".


Sound gallery, artist's residence and recording studio, mobile recording equipment, library, record library, instrumental collections, Ludophones and Zenko Sound Pedagogy series.

Since 2004, tens of thousands of children, teenagers and adults have benefited from our activities or training courses.
(Cultural services and centres, Conservatories, C.F.M.I., I.U.F.M., national and international universities, museums, art galleries, etc.).

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